Gemma Dore

Marketing Team Lead

What I do at Helical Levity

As the Marketing Team Lead at Helical Levity, I am responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of the CyberStart product and brand via our own core channels, and through associated programmes. Through unique and innovative marketing campaigns, the teams goal is to ensure as many people as possible are exposed to CyberStart and get to discover whether they have a talent for the cyber security industry.

Why Helical Levity

Working at Helical Levity is fast-paced, diverse and fulfilling. If you are wanting a creative and rewarding job that has a positive impact on young peoples lives, this could be the company for you!

Who am I?

I have worked in the marketing team at Helical Levity for almost 5 years. Before that, I worked at a marketing agency!

Advice for prospective candidates

No idea is a bad idea. Big or small, voice your suggestion. It could be the thing that inspires the next cyber security superstar!

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